Sunday, March 19, 2017

Session 3: Question 3 Student Voices

Chapter 9: Share any thoughts that were sparked by one of the students' experiences you read about. Cite your page numbers.


  1. I was interested in Creating a Cohesive Community Through Social Media. Something about his use of "sawdust" made me think of 2nd graders. I love this statement on page 121: My vision as a student was to take something I was carrying around with very little value and give it life. reminds me of our many projects with recyclables. Those are probably the best experiences for 2nd graders: science and social studies opportunities to create something new to solve a problem. It is easy to reconsider giving these assignments time in the busy schedule, but this chapter reminds me to stick with the plans.

  2. I was “sparked” by the Learning How to Fail. Madeleine Clark grew up without an ounce of struggle in her life (Kindle location 2118). The system did her an injustice by painting a perfect little path to college. When she got there and became an adult, she failed academically and emotionally. I am a true believer in hard work and learning through failing. If a student does not know how to fail as a kid, what do they except will happen as an adult? I always tell the tale that I never let my son win at Candyland as child. He had to learn to lose, analyze a strategy that I was using, analyze what he was doing, and learn from it. When he finally did beat me, it was gratifying for him. That is why I liked to do Game Theory for my Power Hour. Kids learning to fail, analyze, and overcome.

    1. I agree with Annie Mitchell's response on June 21st that students need to learn about failure and that it builds success. Failure means your brain is growing and that's a positive.

  3. I was sparked by the story on From student to CEO by Paige Woodard. She began without knowing how to upload videos to YouTube and transpiring it to speak in front of cameras. I'm always very shy about public speaking let alone speaking in front of cameras. I'm inspired that she built up her confidence and skills to stand up for herself. Page 119-120. I'm inspired to use video my lessons more often to build up my confidence.