Sunday, March 19, 2017

Session 4: Question 2 Coming Together: Speaking the Same Language

After reading this book, what is one small step that you can take to add more innovation class? Please give page numbers to support your thinking.   


  1. I think my small step will be to encourage other educators to join in using innovation. Page 140 talks of the importance of creating a team atmosphere that is inviting and transparent so that opportunities and cooperation will multiply.

    1. I agree with Melanie Marshall's post on June 21 about taking a small step to ncourage other educators to become innovative teachers. There's' a saying" teachers wear many hats" and it's true especially since innovation is looking at things differently.

  2. One small step that I would like to add more innovation to my class is Open Source Learning, OSL. Page 146. I think it's a good place to start innovative techniques as it can be applied in any subjects. I would like to start by creating OSL on our first unit of Place Value and operations so that students can use it to " find sources of information to help empower the learner" and deepen their learning. Page 147